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Iran in rivolta 27.12.09

Non si placano gli scontri a Teheran.

Government forces also attacked cars whose drivers had honked in support of the protesters, and smashed their windows. Many vehicles’ license plates were taken away.
"They beat up people relentlessly although many were in mourning groups for Imam Hussein," said a witness, who spoke via Skype on the condition of anonymity. "I saw many people with bloody noses or limping away. It was clear that they particularly targeted women and savagely beat them."

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Nicola Cormio ha scritto:

..cosa aspetta D'Alema per volare a Teheran a farsi fotografare a braccetto con Moussawi?

Aspetta che Ahmadinejad si dichiari ebreo?

postato il 29/12/2009 alle 00:21:55

L'Eremita ha scritto:

@Nicola stiamo ancora a D'Alema?
Eddai, su!

postato il 29/12/2009 alle 12:30:04