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Ecco come cambiano i gusti della tv americana 27.05.10

Dopo il decennio caratterizzato dalla tragedia del 11 settembre per il pubblico televisivo americano è tornato il momento di ridere.
Le sit-com invadono i palinsesti e le serie ad alto contenuto emozionale chiudono i battenti.

The 2009-2010 season brought about huge change in the TV industry; it was the first full season with our new, young president in office, and the public sentiment of "out with old, in with the new" meant many beloved shows come to an end. Lost, 24, Law & Order, Heroes, Mercy, Trauma, Miami Medical, Numb3rs, and Cold Case have all been laid to rest. In contrast, the year's most acclaimed series-Modern Family, Community, and Glee-were the polar opposite of the dramas that they were replacing: light-hearted but smart, appealing to our emotions but never exploiting them outright.

The 2010-2011 season will feature the same number of new comedies as last year (20), but the networks are making funny shows the focus of their lineups in ways they haven't in years. The Big Bang Theory-a comedy about science geeks in California-will bump Survivor out of its time slot next season, and the comedy breakout hits of this year like Modern Family, Glee, and Community, along with How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men are all taking over the spots where dramas once reigned.