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Il dilemma McChrystal 23.06.10

Se il generale McChrystal è sulla graticola dopo le dichiarazioni al vetriolo contro l'amministrazione Obama rilasciate a Rolling Stone, anche il presidente ha i suoi grattacapi.
Una decisione avventata sulle sorti del generale potrebbe infatti compromettere l'esito della guerra e del suo mandato.

President Barack Obama may end up firing Gen. Stanley McChrystal - but he's stuck with the strategy McChrystal helped put in place and is trying to execute.

The Afghan commander, who offered to resign Tuesday after his aides trashed, among others, the "wimps" in the White House, shaped what may end up being Obama's most important foreign policy decision: McChrystal wrote a report, later leaked, requesting 40,000 new troops for Afghanistan, and the president largely followed his lead, escalating the war and tying his presidency to its success.

Obama now has the opportunity to both fire McChrystal and kill his strategy in its infancy. But unless he does a complete about-face, Obama will likely have to recommit to the mission - and that could be a strong argument for keeping the rebellious, if not insubordinate, general.

[23:20] Il presidente Obama ha deciso. McChrystal è fuori.