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Lavorare al Googleplex 06.07.10

Il quartier generale di Google a Mountain View raccontato da chi ci lavora.

Google is a great place to work. These are the things I like about my job:
1) Everyone is super smart
2) 18 different cafes
3) Free Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
4) The food is gourmet quality (e.g. omelet bar, chefs that make custom sandwiches for you, sashimi, free drinks 24/7, free snacks of all sorts 24/7.
5) The 7 person conference bicycles
6) Every Friday, Larry, Sergei, or Eric takes questions from us (in person), and we get free beer (e.g. Downtown Brown)
7) Gyms all over
8) Free Laundry done for us
9) Discounted massages
10) Refrigerators with assorted Odwallas in every building
11) Free bicycles that we can just get on and ride to different buildings
12) Always pickup soccer games, or basketball games going on
13) Amazing free automated massage chairs in every building
14) Lap pool, volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court, etc.
15) You can bring your dog with you to the office every day (1 out of 4 employees always has their dog with them)
16) Free shuttle to and from work everyday. (The shuttle has wi-fi). It even goes to SF.
The very best part about working for Google is that the campus has a very collegiate feel. There is no dressing up, ever (you will get strange looks if you do), everyone is amazingly smart and nice, we dedicate 20% of our time to whatever project we want, and the food is the best I've ever had. It's all self sustainable. It's like a glorious hippie engineering commune.

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Milly ha scritto:

Posticino niente male, davvero!
Quello che mi entusiasmerebbe ad accettare un lavoro in questo sancta santorum sono i 18 differenti caffè.
Ciao, a presto.

postato il 06/07/2010 alle 22:32:23