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Vuvuzela 12.07.10

Cosa resterà di Sud Africa 2010?

Ma le vuvuzela naturalmente, ora con contorno di canzoni. Una più inascoltabile dell'altra.

In attesa dello sbarco (salvo divieti) nei nostri stadi.

After the South African World Cup draws to a close Sunday, the nation will surely quiet down. International crowds will clear out, returning to their homes. The FIFA radius around stadiums will fold, allowing local vendors to return to business as usual. Each scream, chant, and cheer will die out, one voice at a time.

The vuvuzelas, they will remain. Many of the thousands upon thousands of plastic death-horns will be found in the streets, or in hotel rooms, or left in airport terminals by those who figured they might take the things as souvenirs, only to find they didn't fit in their luggage.