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Facebook Places 19.08.10

Facebook ha presentato il suo servizio di geolocalizzazione. Per il momento disponibile solo negli USA, ma la versione internazionale non dovrebbe tardare più di qualche giorno.

Essenzialmente un'applicazione per iPhone, Places collaborerà a stretto giro con Foursquare e Gowalla.
Una buona notizia, insperata solo qualche ora fa.

First of all, you or a Facebook friend in your group will need a smartphone. If you don't have an iPhone, you'll have to use the Facebook touch mobile site on a browser that supports both HTML 5 and geolocation.

The company does plan to roll out Android and BlackBerry versions of Places, but they haven't released any specific dates for those releases yet.

To use Places, go to the Places tab on the iPhone application or touch.facebook.com. You'll first be asked if Facebook is allowed to know your location. Once you click "allow," you'll enter the Places interface. From there, you can share your location with friends, find out where your friends are (if they're using Places), and discover new places near you.

You can add places, check in to places that already exist, and tag people who are with you. If you're checking in for a group, make sure you tag your friends before you checkin, yourself. For example, I added my house and checked in there. I then opened the Places page for a nearby sushi restaurant, tagged my boyfriend, and checked us both in there.

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