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I vegani non salveranno il mondo 08.09.10

Siamo una specie onnivora.
Ora anche George Monbiot si rende conto che l'estremismo alimentare (da qualunque posizione lo si guardi) non aiuta il pianeta, ma porta con se solo nuovi problemi.

In the Guardian in 2002 I discussed the sharp rise in the number of the world's livestock, and the connection between their consumption of grain and human malnutrition. After reviewing the figures, I concluded that veganism "is the only ethical response to what is arguably the world's most urgent social justice issue". I still believe that the diversion of ever wider tracts of arable land from feeding people to feeding livestock is iniquitous and grotesque. So does the book I'm about to discuss. I no longer believe that the only ethical response is to stop eating meat.