Ministro ombra della narrazione.

Gli intellettuali cinesi sostengono Liu Xiaobo 15.10.10

Sassolini che rotolano a valle dalla granitica montagna cinese.

More than 100 Chinese writers, lawyers and activists have released a letter urging the government to release the Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo and other political prisoners.

The letter, issued late last night, comes amid the detention and monitoring of dissidents, which they believe reflects the government's anxieties about the award as well as a major political meeting that begins today.

It calls for the government to approach the award with "realism and reason" and follows a spate of angry denunciations of the prize. Yesterday a foreign ministry spokesman said the Nobel committee was "encouraging crime" in China by giving the award to Liu, who is serving 11 years for incitement to subvert state power.