One nerd to rule them all.

Buona sera, Londra 13.11.10

Un hacker con indosso una maschera di Guy Fawkes, alla V for Vendetta, ha trasmesso questo messaggio alla Washington State University criticando il dipartimento di informatica dell'ateneo e sollecitando il corpo studentesco a sollevarsi contro gli scoiattoli presenti nel campus.
Il finto V contesta ai roditori di non fare altro se non "mangiare, bere e riprodursi".

Video projectors in two dozen classrooms were high-jacked in the prank, according to news reports, and the video was set to replay automatically every hour. The hacker's website advised university staff that the messages would stop automatically at the end of the day, but referred them to a batch file left on the AV servers that would also reverse the hack. "This script will cleanly remove and reverse all modifications made to the systems."

A spokeswoman told the Chronicle of Higher Education that campus police were working to identify the perpetrator. "Childish pranks just don’t have a place anymore," said Darin Watkins. "What may have been seen as cute and clever years ago really doesn't get that kind of reaction today."