La rivoluzione dell'intelligenza artificiale è intorno a noi

Geek   28.12.10  

Le AI non si sono trasformate in cervelli pensanti dalle fattezze umanoidi, ma sono introno a noi ogni giorno e a malapena ce ne accorgiamo.
La fantascienza di HAL 9000 è più reale di quanto potremmo immaginare.

The fruits of the AI revolution are now all around us. Once researchers were freed from the burden of building a whole mind, they could construct a rich bestiary of digital fauna, which few would dispute possess something approaching intelligence. "If you told somebody in 1978, 'You're going to have this machine, and you'll be able to type a few words and instantly get all of the world’s knowledge on that topic,' they would probably consider that to be AI," Google cofounder Larry Page says. "That seems routine now, but it's a really big deal."

Even formerly mechanical processes like driving a car have become collaborations with AI systems. "At first it was the automatic braking system," Brooks says. "The person's foot was saying, I want to brake this much, and the intelligent system in the middle figured when to actually apply the brakes to make that work. Now you're starting to get automatic parking and lane-changing." Indeed, Google has been developing and testing cars that drive themselves with only minimal human involvement; by October, they had already covered 140,000 miles of pavement. [...]

In its earlier days, artificial intelligence was weighted with controversy and grave doubt, as humanists feared the ramifications of thinking machines. Now the machines are embedded in our lives, and those fears seem irrelevant. "I used to have fights about it," Brooks says. "I've stopped having fights. I'm just trying to win."

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