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WebMatrix, domani arriva il successore di FrontPage 13.01.11

A otto anni dell'ultima release di FrontPage e a cinque anni da Expression Web, Microsoft è pronta domani a lanciare WebMatrix.
Sarà un web editor a 360 gradi, capace di adattarsi a differenti esigenze. Permetterà una con Visual Studio, SQL Server e ASP.net, ma integrerà una serie di tool che daranno la possibilitá di gestire ogni tipo di CMS e database in commercio.

Why would Microsoft give so much away for free? The answer is simple: upselling. Microsoft wants people to use SQL Sever and Visual Studio, two popular Microsoft development products. Get people into the world of developing using Windows, Microsoft seems to be thinking, and they won't leave later, which means big software sales down the road. The WebMatrix team was demure when I mentioned the upsell point, stressing that they aren't focused on it as a goal.

People often comment on how long-range Microsoft's vision is, and how deep its patience. WebMatrix fits well into those truths.

There is one last element of WebMatrix that caught our eye: open source. As part of the tool set, Microsoft has made available a number of open source web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Umbraco, DotNetNuke, and Orchard. Nice touch on top of a free product, right?