Guardia di porta.

Cosa sta succedendo a internet in Egitto 28.01.11

Crolla il traffico internet in Egitto.
Mubarak ha deciso di usare il pugno duro contro le opposizioni bloccando direttamente gli ISP nel tentativo di limitare le comunicazioni tra i manifestanti in previsione della grande protesta in programma oggi dopo la preghiera del venerdì

What's different in this case as compared to other 'similar' cases is that all of the major ISP's seem to be almost completely offline. Whereas in other cases, social media sites such as facebook and twitter were typically blocked.  In this case the government seems to be taking a shotgun approach by ordering ISP's to stop routing all networks.

When looking at the data it's clear that many Egyptian networks have fallen off the Internet. Let's start by looking at a quick summary. Yesterday there were 2903 Egyptian networks, originated from 52  ISP's. Transit was provided via 45 unique isp's.
Today at 2am UTC, the numbers look quite different, there were only 327 Egyptian networks left on the Internet. These were originated 26 by ISP's.
So 88% of the Egyptian networks is unreachable!