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Non dimenticatevi dello Yemen 31.01.11

Mentre gli occhi del mondo sono concentrati sulla crisi egiziana nello Yemen va avanti una protesta contro l'attuale regime di Ali Abdallah Saleh che andrebbe tenuta d'occhio con maggiore attenzione.
L'instabilità e la corruzione cronica del governo minaccia da anni di trasformare il paese in una base operativa di Al Qaeda.

Over 3,000 opposition supporters gathered in the town of Maweya in Taiz province, in southern Yemen, condemning alleged oppression by the ruling party of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, according to eyewitnesses. And in Dhammar province , in central Al-Hada district, the opposition was able to gather more than 1,500 followers, in a district considered a stronghold for the ruling party. Monday's protests are much smaller than demonstrations that drew thousands to the streets of San'a, the capital, and other urban centers late last week. Opposition leaders said they were now targeting rural areas, where loyalties to tribal and local authorities often outweigh any allegiance to Mr. Saleh's central government. They have promised country-wide demonstrations on Thursday.