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La statua di RoboCop a Detroit 24.02.11

Busti della statua di RoboCop

Le donazioni private hanno raggiunto i 50.000 dollari e i bozzetti per la statua di RoboCop sono ormai pronti.
Presto la capitale dell'auto potrebbe avere la sua statua dell'iconico poliziotto cyborg degli anni '80, proprio come Philadelphia con Rocky e Metropolis - nell'Illinois - con Superman.

Non resta che trovare la giusta location in attesa del 2012, 25esimo anniversario del primo film.

Fred Barton Productions has generously offered access to an extremely accurate restoration of the Robocop suit from the first movie. His artist has been working on it for the last five years. That's right: five years! It even includes suit detail that was never shown on screen (like the plug and vents in the left rear of the torso). With materials like this to work with, this statue is going to be as close to a perfect depiction of RoboCop as is possible by non-augmented arthropods.

[...] There's a whole approval process that the city goes through when accepting any charitable donation; this isn't any different, despite the popular support. We've made the appropriate steps in getting that process moving along, but we have several potential privately-funded locations on the table as well, not the least of which is across from the Michigan Central Station at Imagination Station. So, regardless of what happens with any of this, the statue is coming, and it will have a place to stand.

Ideally, the location would be such that it provides the greatest possible benefit to the people of the city of Detroit. So, if interest in the piece is able to generate foot traffic for local business and drive tourism to the area, then we'd like to make sure those effects are maximized. Some of the offers that we have on the table have added benefits (like security and existing maintenance staff), so the result for Detroit will be a net positive.