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Un nuovo modo per commentare 03.03.11

TechCrunch analizza i pro e i contro del nuovo sistema di commenti per blog e siti web, sviluppato da Facebook.


• Real names and identities greatly reduces the number of trolls and anonymous cowards in comments.
• Social virality boosts traffic by creating a feedback loop between Facebook and participating sites. Friends pull in their friends, creating a social entry point to your site.
• Automatic sign-in if you already signed into Facebook elsewhere, lowers the barriers to commenting.
• Most "liked" comments get voted to the top. It also knows who your friends are, so you will see those comments first.


• No support for Twitter or Google IDs, which leaves out the other half of the social Web.
• No backups and other lock-ins will make it hard for sites to leave.
• If you work somewhere that blocks Facebook, you are out of luck.
• Your friends might be surprised to find their replies in your Facebook News stream reproduced on another site’s comments. Expect a backlash.
• Moderation bugs, no view counts at the top of posts or ways to highlight site owners/writers in comments.