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Trova il futuro alla biblioteca di New York 06.04.11

Find the future è il progetto sviluppato da Jane McGonigal e Kiyash Monsef, in collaborazione con la New York Public Library, a metà strada tra una caccia al tesoro, un gioco di ruolo e la realtà aumentata. Scopo del gioco: scrivere un libro.

Find The Future at NYPL brings visitors to the Library together with players around the world to tap into the creative power of the Library's collections.

It is first game in the world in which winning the game means writing a book together – a collection of 100 ways to make history and change the future, inspired by 100 of the most intriguing works of the past.

Starting May 21, 2011, visitors to the Stephen A. Schwarzman branch of the NYPL can play the game with their personal smartphones, or on Library computers. Global players will join the game with any computer that has access to the Internet. The game is free to play.

The game is designed to empower players to find inspiration for their own extraordinary futures – by bringing them face-to-face with the writings and personal objects of people who made an extraordinary difference in the past.

The game starts with a special, invitation-only event on May 20, 2011. As part of the Centennial celebration weekend, hundreds of gamers will earn the chance to join a special once-in-a-lifetime event: an "overnight lock-in" at NYPL's Stephen A. Schwarzman building. This "write all night" lock in will serve as the official kick-off for the Find The Future game.

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