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La transizione nello Yemen 24.04.11

L'intervista della BBC al presidente yemenita Ali Abdallah Saleh sulla futura transizione a seguito delle proteste che hanno sconvolto il paese nelle ultime settimane.

Mr Saleh told the BBC continuing protests could escalate the crisis.

"You call on me from the US and Europe to hand over power," he said.

"Who shall I hand it over to? Those who are trying to make a coup? No. We will do it through ballot boxes and referendums. We'll invite international observers to monitor.

"Any coup is rejected because we are committed to the constitutional legitimacy and don't accept chaos."

He also claimed that Islamist extremists had infiltrated protest camps.

"Al-Qaeda are moving inside the camps and this is very dangerous," he said. "Why is the West not looking at this destructive work and its dangerous implications for the future?"

The transition plan was drawn up by Gulf Arab states belonging to the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC).

Under it, Mr Saleh would hand over to his vice-president one month after an agreement is signed with the opposition, and presidential elections would follow a month later.

Mr Saleh, his family and his aides would gain immunity from prosecution.