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Inseguire la rabbia 11.10.11

La rabbia degli indignati americani, la crisi europea del debito e il gioco al massacro dei repubblicani, nell'anno che porta alle presidenziali, visti da Nouriel Roubini.

FP: Ian, you think the Republicans' economic plans are intentionally cynical?

IB: Not across the board, no, but I think the closer we get to November of next year, the more so they're going to be. I think that Obama made a choice that he was going to go further down the taxation and more maximalist route early on. The Republicans decided that they were going to respond even more than in kind. And I think Obama came back after the midterm elections, after taking a drubbing, and said, "I'm going to play centrist with you." Some of the Republicans didn't buy it, but more of them sensed weakness, and I think that's how they're playing it.

With the enormous anti-Washington sentiment right now, it's much easier to complain. The election is in the absolute doldrums. It almost doesn't matter which candidate the Republicans put up; the election is about Obama. Now, Obama is an extraordinary candidate, and he's going to have a lot of money. I wouldn't bet against him at this point in the actual elections, but clearly that's the Republican strategy. And I think the Republican economic plans are part and parcel of that strategy