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7 miliardi 31.10.11

La popolazione mondiale raggiunge i 7 miliardi, ma l'esplosione demografica non continuerà all'infinito e a invertire la tendenza saranno proprio le donne dei paesi in via di sviluppo.

there is a good news story from the demographic data that is not often told. We -- or rather the poor women of the world -- are defusing the population bomb.
Women today are having half as many children as their mothers and grandmothers. The global average is now down to 2.5 children per woman, and it continues to fall.

This is not just a rich-world phenomenon. Much of Asia now has fertility rates below two, from Japan and Korea to China, with its one-child policy, through Taiwan, Vietnam, Burma, Singapore and much of southern India and parts of the Middle East. Behind the veil, the women of Iran have cut their fertility from eight to less than two in a generation.

[...] Falling fertility happens faster if countries get richer and if women are better educated. Similarly urbanization helps a lot.