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Occupy Wall Street ora deve crescere 08.11.11

Slate prova a indicare otto proposte per trasformare la protesta di Occupy Wall Street da manifestazione di indignati in attore consapevole, influente e responsabile nel panorama politico americano.

Harness the energy and passion of college students.

Schedule OWS rallies and events at the various State of the State addresses delivered by governors in the first week of the new year.

Recognize that there is insufficient diversity on the ranks of OWS.

Call for a full rollback of the Bush tax cuts for all those above $1 million in annual income.

Demand true accountability on Wall Street.

Demand that a financial service transaction fee be imposed.

Start a petition drive in every state demanding that the state municipal governments stop using Goldman Sachs for advice and underwriting.

Demand that the New York Fed have "public" board members who truly represent the public.