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Nessuna Guerra Fredda con la Cina 09.12.11

La visione dell'amministrazione Obama sul rapporto con la Cina, secondo Joseph Nye.

American military forces do not aspire to "contain" China in Cold War fashion, but they can help to shape the environment in which future Chinese leaders make their choices. I stand by my testimony before the US Congress of 1995 in response to those who, even then, wanted a policy of containment rather than engagement: "Only China can contain China." If China becomes a bully in the Asia-Pacific region, other countries will join the US to confront it. Indeed, that is why many of China's neighbors have strengthened their ties with the US since 2008, when China's foreign policy became more assertive. But the last thing the US wants is a Cold War II in Asia. Whatever the two sides' competitive positions, Sino-American cooperation on issues like trade, financial stability, energy security, climate change, and pandemics will benefit both countries. The rest of the region stands to gain, too. The Obama administration's pivot towards Asia signals recognition of the region's great potential, not a clarion call for containment.