Trova Waldo.

Il modello di business di Facebook 02.02.12

Con Facebook pronta ad essere quotata in borsa gli investitori si interrogano sulla sostenibilità del modello di business del principale social network del pianeta e sulle prospettive di guadagno.

Facebook's money-making model has always been pretty simple: It creates a place for people to hang out and upload photos or pithy notes on what they are doing right that second, and then it posts advertising along the side of that status update highway. How complicated could it be?

Well, a little, it turns out. The social network filed an S-1 on Wednesday in advance of its IPO that presents a more complex and nuanced picture of the company's business--one that highlights the tradeoffs Facebook has to make in order to create value for both users and advertisers, as well as of the creative challenges that lay ahead.

Facebook is going to have to balance a number of competing interests. It's going to have to figure out how to get people to share more of their lives on the social network, while figuring out how to display only the most interesting stuff to each individual person, and simultaneously developing ever more innovative ad products that Facebookers deem useful and relevant rather than intrusive.