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Il Super Tuesday stato per stato 05.03.12

La guida di The Caucus al martedì delle primarie repubblicane.

The closest that Americans get to a national presidential primary comes every four years when a large group of states hold their primaries and caucuses on the same day.

It's called Super Tuesday, a phrase that dates back more than two decades. And it happens again tomorrow.

Ten states, stretching geographically more than 4,500 miles - from Alaska to Massachusetts - will hold Republican contests on Tuesday, giving the candidates a chance to accumulate delegates and prove their vote-getting abilities.

Historically speaking, Tuesday will not be the most "super." In 2008, nearly two dozen states or territories held primary contests to choose a presidential nominee. But with 437 delegates at stake in the contests, Tuesday's results could dramatically shape the direction of the campaign as it moves into the spring.