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Le 10 lune più interessanti del sistema Solare 12.03.12

Le dieci lune, secondo Io9, che tutti dovrebbero conoscere per le loro peculiarità intrinseche. Da Europa a Iperione.

Pretty much everyone can rattle off the names of our solar system's eight (formerly nine) planets, but ask the average person to list some moons and you'll be lucky if they can tell you more than two or three.

Now, you obviously can't expect people to remember the name of every single satellite in the solar system (after all, they outnumber the planets by around 20 to 1), but if you have even the slightest interest in astronomy, it wouldn't kill you to be familiar with at least an even ten. So with that in mind, we've assembled this reference guide to ten of the solar system's most noteworthy moons.