Un uomo impossibile.

Un giorno con David Foster Wallace a Berlino 21.06.12

Va in scena l'adattamento teatrale di Infinite Jest, capolavoro di David Foster Wallace.
La rappresentazione ha la durata record di 24 ore. Il palcoscenico è l'intera città di Berlino.

And lo: It's five in the morning, and I'm sitting in a Boston AA meeting. The caffeine powder I ingested shortly after midnight has long worn off. I’m clutching a cranberry Red Bull in one jittery hand and a god-awful cup of AA coffee in the other. But

I'm fading fast.

Nineteen hours of the play have elapsed. Five remain. The play is Infinite Jest. Yes, the 1,079-page David Foster Wallace novel. Germany's leading experimental theater, Hebbel am Ufer, had the gall not only to stage the world theatrical premiere of an Infinite Jest adaptation, but to play it on the grandest stage possible: the city of Berlin itself. Over the course of 24 hours, the shell-shocked and increasingly substance-dependent audience is transported to eight of the city's iconic settings, which serve as analogs for the venues to which the discursive novel continually returns.