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Come sono nati gli hashtag su Twitter 20.07.12

E' interessante notare che alcune delle cose che rendono Twitter tanto potente e funzionale non sono state inventate dagli sviluppatori, ma dagli utenti.
E' il caso dei @reply, ma anche degli hashtag.

Twitter got a huge boost at last year's SXSW conference. I'm thinking this year, rather than prefixing SXSW-specific messages with 'sxsw'... tag channels could replace that hack with allowing people to simply insert #sxsw any where in their updates. This works for both the broader conference (organizers can post schedule updates using #sxsw) and for coordinating during the main event (the Interactive portion might use #sxswi and small groups of friends might pick random tags like #sxswbanc to plan around).

On top of that, it's super easy to filter out statuses that use a specific tag (answering a complaint from folks not attending SXSW last year and overrun with SXSW tweets)... and, if you only want to subscribe to #sxsw statuses from certain people at SXSW, you can do that as well.