Nella tana del Sarlacc.

La storia del pane a fette 24.07.12

Dobbiamo l'invenzione del pane a fette a Otto Rohwedder che impiegò 13 anni per perfezionare la tecnologia e produsse la prima macchina per affettare il pane nel 1928. Il successo fu immediato, nonostante lo scarso interesse dimostrato inizialmente da molti fornai.

By the 1930s, pre-sliced bread was fully commercialized, and standardization was reinforced by other inventions that required uniform slices, such as toasters. The common phrase, "the best thing since sliced bread," as a way of hyping a new product or invention may have come into use based on an advertising slogan for Wonder Bread, the first commercial manufacturer of pre-wrapped, pre-sliced bread. With such products rapidly penetrating the American home, automated bread-making was not only an invention benchmark, but also a key indicator of the mechanization of daily life from the 1930s onward.