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Musica afghana 16.08.12

La musica torna ad essere protagonista in Afghanistan, dopo essere stato bandita dai talebani tra il 1996 e il 2001 in quanto considerata peccaminosa.

The Central Asian country has an ancient tradition of song, built on the rich culture of poetry. The Afghan music icons started blending the classical music with the western music, grabbing the attention of urban youth as early as the 1970s.

From Ahmad Zahir - popularly known as the king of Afghan music - who not only composed, but also performed rock and pop music in the style of Elvis Presley, to Farhad Darya and the band Stars, who experimented with rock and roll techniques, Afghan music has evolved with every passing year, sweeping the world.

Even though the western styles have made inroads into the Afghan music, traditional music continues to flourish. Traditional instruments like tabla, harmonium, robab, daira and dilroba continued to rule and the familiar notes they produce dominate the musical atmosphere from Badakshan in the north to Kandahar in the south.