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Obama 4 more years 07.11.12

Questa volta non si tratta di speranza, ma di cambiamento.
Ezra Klein sul Washington Post fa il punto sulla rielezione del presidente Barack Obama e su quello che significa per le tre riforme fortemente volute dalla sua amministrazione: quella sanitaria, quella finanziaria e quella fiscale.

They say that presidents campaign in poetry and govern in prose. That's rarely been truer for a president than it was for Obama, whose inspiring oratory launched him to the White House and whose grind-it-out, insider-game approach to working with Congress disappointed his fans. But it worked. That prose became law -- but, unusually, it became law that wouldn’t fully take effect until his second term. So while in 2008, his election was a vote for hope, in 2012, his reelection carries a guarantee of change.