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Le guerre dei droni 03.01.13

Nel 2012 gli attacchi compiuti dai droni americani in Yemen, Pakistan e Somalia sono stati almeno 79. Le vittime sono state oltre 400.
Un'analisi del Bureau of Investigative Journalism sulle potenzialità, i rischi e la strategia nell'impiego di droni nelle azioni offensive degli Stati Uniti.

Pakistan: The drop in strikes from their 2010 peak continued, and proportionally civilian casualties plummeted. Of at least 246 people killed in 2012 only 7 were credibly reported as civilians. Last year 68 non-combatants were reported among a minimum of 473 dead.

Yemen: After al Qaeda took and held a swathe of land in southern Yemen, the US responded by massively increasing the rate of drone and air strikes. At least 185 people were killed. But up to two thirds of the strikes and casualties exist in a limbo of accountability.

Somalia: The US fight in the Horn of Africa is the most secretive in the covert war on terror. There were only two confirmed US strikes in Somalia this year despite evidence that operations are continuing unreported.