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Frutta e verdura da suonare 23.02.13

Jonathan Dagan, meglio conosciuto come J.Viewz, ha prodotto una cover di Teardrop dei Massive Attack suonando frutta e verdura.

J.Viewz is using a cool little circuit board called the MaKey MaKey (pronounced may-kee may-kee) that allows you to hook almost anything up to a keyboard.

The concept is simple. All you need to do is connect three things to the MaKey MaKey – a computer, a fun object, and yourself. By touching the object, you close the circuit, and a signal is sent to the MaKey MaKey. The circuit board then translates this electronic signal into a keyboard signal, which is sent to your computer.

Your computer can't tell the difference between a signal coming from the MaKey MaKey and a signal coming from an actual keyboard. So this little chip basically allows you to transform any object that conducts even just a tiny bit of electricity into a keyboard key.