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Il ritorno dei videogame arcade 03.03.13

Il locale di Kermizian a Brooklyn

Polygon racconta come un locale di Brooklyn ha riacceso l'interesse di New York per il retrogaming dei videogiochi arcade.

Kermizian's unwillingness to contemporize his relationship with video games is more than a preference: It's a calling.

In 2004, he and some friends founded a Brooklyn bar that combines early arcade machines with American craft beers. Eight years later, the bar employs 50 staff across three locations (including one in Jersey City and one in Philadelphia), with a fourth bar planned for launch in Manhattan later in 2013.

Where the video game industry has largely turned its back on the arcade, Kermizian found himself at the spearhead of a new trend spreading across America: the bar-cum-arcade, or Barcade.