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New York vista dall'Empire State Building

Il primo maggio del 1931 veniva inaugurato l'Empire State Building. Speculazione immobiliare in piena Grande Depressione, simbolo di un nuovo inizio per New York e gli Stati Uniti.
Assolutamente attuale 82 anni dopo.

The construction of the Empire State Building reads like a tall tale. Designed by William F. Lamb, his firm produced drawings of the building in two weeks. From its groundbreaking on January 22, 1930, the skyscraper was built in just 401 days and was simultaneously entered into a competition for "World’s Tallest Building", along with the Chrysler building and 40 Wall Street. Even as it was being built, the Empire State building was hailed as a feat of American engineering, with 102 floors, 73 elevators, 9,000 faucets, and, with the addition of the spire in 1952, a height of 1,453 feet. The building was so big that it was given its own zip code: 10118. Upon its dedication on May 1, 1931, it was indeed the tallest building in the world, a title it held for 42 years until the dedication of the World Trade Center towers in 1972.