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L'arte di raggruppare le cose viste dai satelliti 16.07.13

Un'opera di Satellite Collections

L'artista Jenny Odell crea collage digitali ritagliando oggetti e luoghi da Google Maps e raggruppandoli in insiemi omogenei.
Nell'opera 195 Yachts, Barges, Cargo Lines, Tankers and Other Ships della serie Satellite Collections il quinto mercatile in basso partendo dall'angolo in alto a destra trasporta il Concorde.

In all of these prints, I collect things that I've cut out from Google Satellite View– parking lots, silos, landfills, waste ponds. The view from a satellite is not a human one, nor is it one we were ever really meant to see. But it is precisely from this inhuman point of view that we are able to read our own humanity, in all of its tiny, repetitive marks upon the face of the earth. From this view, the lines that make up basketball courts and the scattered blue rectangles of swimming pools become like hieroglyphs that say: people were here.