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La storia di FIFA, il videogioco 21.08.13

La storia di come un piccolo team di sviluppo con un grande talento ha realizzato uno dei più grandi franchise della storia dei videogiochi nonostante a circa 5.000 chilometri di distanza, nella sede di EA Sports, continuassero a snobbare il progetto.

The voices calling for an EA football title were numerous.

In the US, EA Sports Network (or ESN, as it was called back then before ESPN asked them to change it) was a sales juggernaut thanks to the likes of NHL and Madden. Over in Europe, however, these games were non-entities.

"We did some research and found that 90 per cent of C&VG magazine readers loved football," says David Gardner, the sales and marketing boss for EA Europe at the time.

"So we realised that if we wanted to bring the EA Sports brand to Europe we needed a football game."

Members of the UK team lobbied the US to let them build one. And even EA Canada's Bruce McMillan, a Chelsea supporter who would go on to lead the FIFA development team, tried to persuade the EA hierarchy to build a football game.

"I said that we should be in the worldwide football business. But when I first said that, EA was like: 'well we are already in the football business with Madden.' I said: 'No, I mean proper football'."