Ha dimostrato il paradosso del gatto imburrato.

50 invenzioni che hanno fatto la storia 29.10.13

L'Atlantic ha chiesto a un gruppo composto da storici, scienziati e ingegneri di classificare le 50 più grandi innovazioni della storia dopo l'invenzione della ruota. Eccole.

18. The automobile, late 19th century
Transformed daily life, our culture, and our landscape.

19. Industrial steelmaking, 1850s
Mass-produced steel, made possible by a method known as the Bessemer process, became the basis of modern industry.

20. The pill, 1960
Launched a social revolution.

21. Nuclear fission, 1939
Gave humans new power for destruction, and creation.

22. The green revolution, mid-20th century
Combining technologies like synthetic fertilizers and scientific plant breeding hugely increased the world’s food output. Norman Borlaug, the agricultural economist who devised this approach, has been credited with saving more than 1 billion people from starvation.

23. The sextant, 1757
It made maps out of stars.