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Gli appunti di Guillermo del Toro 12.11.13

È disponibile Cabinet of Curiosities, il libro che raccoglie due decenni di appunti, schizzi e illustrazioni di Guillermo del Toro realizzati per i suoi film.
Il libro contiene anche le impressioni e i ricordi dei suoi amici e colleghi Alfonso Cuarón, Neil Gaiman e James Cameron, con la postfazione di Tom Cruise.

Over the last two decades, writer-director Guillermo del Toro has mapped out a territory in the popular imagination that is uniquely his own, astonishing audiences with 'Cronos,' 'Hellboy,' 'Pan's Labyrinth,' and a host of other films and creative endeavors. Now, for the first time, del Toro reveals the inspirations behind his signature artistic motifs, sharing the contents of his personal notebooks, collections, and other obsessions. The result is a startling, intimate glimpse into the life and mind of one of the world's most creative visionaries. Complete with running commentary, interview text, and annotations that contextualize the ample visual material, this deluxe compendium is every bit as inspired as del Toro is himself.