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Best College Reviews racconta i folli esperimenti, capaci di fare invidia a Victor Frankenstein, di dieci eccentrici e celebri scienziati.

Soviet scientist Sergei Brukhonenko has been credited with helping bring about important advances in Russian open-heart surgery, but his grisly experiments on animals were far more disturbing. Not one to wait, Brukhonenko wasn't content with slicing up animals after they'd died. More specifically, not only did he not like to wait, but he also didn't like the animals to die – even after they'd been decapitated. In the late 1930s, Brukhonenko and his team undertook a series of experiments as part of which they removed a canine's head and kept it alive away from its body by hooking it up to air- and blood-supply apparatus. Nor was this the only monstrosity Brukhonenko created: another hound had all the blood drawn from its body only to later be brought back to life by this Soviet Frankenstein. Brukhonenko's gruesome work was captured on camera in the 1940 film Experiments in the Revival of Organisms.