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Flickr dieci anni dopo 14.02.14

La nascita, la caduta e la resurrezione del servizio di foto e video hosting che ha contribuito a fare la storia delle community fotografiche sul web. I primi dieci anni di Flickr tra successi, delusioni e Yahoo! raccontati da Harry McCracken.

If you happened to be at the O'Reilly Emerging Tech Conference in San Diego 10 years ago today, on February 10, 2004, you had the opportunity to witness a meaningful moment in the history of the web -- though I doubt that anyone in attendance realized it at the time.

The creators of a Vancouver, B.C.-based startup called Ludicorp Research & Development were at the conference mostly in order to talk about the technology behind Game Neverending, an online virtual world they were building. But while they were there, they also unveiled their side project. It was a tool for sharing photos, and they called it Flickr.