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Il Monopoly e la finanza 14.05.14

Mike Merrill ha provato ad aggiornare le regole del gioco del Monopoly per rappresentare meglio il sistema finanziario moderno con l'aggiunta della figura del banchiere come giocatore, obbligazioni convertibili e operazioni di finanziamento.

Each player starts with only $500. That's a nice bit of cash, but it's going to be expensive to build your capitalist empire. Baltic Avenue will cost you $80, States Avenue is $140, Atlantic is $260, and that leaves you just $20. Even if you're the first to land on Boardwalk you won't be able to afford the $400 price tag. Another $200 from "passing Go" is not going to last that long. You need more money.

At the start of the game the banker will offer each player a convertible note of $1000 at a 20% discount and 5% interest*. Armed with $1500 the player is now ready to set out on their titan of the universe adventure! (Of course players are not required to take the convertible note.)