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L'uomo che ha acchiappato tutti i Pokémon 23.08.14

Come acchiappare tutti i Pokémon e vivere felici. La strada per diventare un Pokémon Master raccontata da Polygon.

I've played every generation of Pokémon and every version since it came to America in 1998.

I remember my first hit: I was eight, and my parents thought it would be a great idea to travel from our home in New York all the way down to Florida. Being the rather "spirited" child that I was, they knew the vast beauty of America's coast would be lost on my five second attention span. Out of necessity to keep me occupied, my mother decided this crazy new Pokémon fad would keep my infinite repository of energy in check.

From the second I turned on the Game Boy Pocket I was hooked. It was like nothing I had ever played before and needless to say my mother's ploy to make this trip as stress free as possible worked. Little did she know she created a Pokémon addict. I distinctly remember maxing out the in game timer in at least one of each of the versions I possessed.