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Tutta una questione di sexting 12.11.14

Per alcuni il sexting (crasi delle parole sex e texting che indica l'invio di messaggi e contenuti multimediali sessualmente espliciti tramite servizi di messaggistica) è una piaga sociale da combattere.
Secondo Jenna Wortham tutti prima o poi lo abbiamo fatto e questo è ciò che è emerso dalle sue interviste.

I think that everybody sexts. Not everyone sends nude photos, of course, for a variety of reasons. But many people I've talked to define a sext as anything sent with sexual intent, be it a suggestive Gchat exchange, a racy photo, a suggestive Snapchat, or even those aqua-blue droplets of sweat emoji.

I asked people I knew -- and many I didn't -- to talk to me about sexts and the stories behind them, the risks, perceived and real, and why they did it, knowing that they could be shared beyond their control. Lastly, I asked them to share a nude that they had sent to someone. And so many people did, without hesitation, or requiring anything in exchange. I was floored by their openness, and the expanse of human emotions and experiences on display. What I discovered, mainly, is that sexting - like anything else done on our phones - was mostly just meant to be fun, for fun, grown folks doing what grown folks do.