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Memi cinesi 19.12.14

Quartz ha raccolto i più evocativi e diffusi memi su internet in Cina per analizzare le paure, le speranze e le aspettative dei cinesi.

In 2014, Chinese president Xi Jinping's crackdown on corrupt officials and activists grew harsher. Pollution, food safety worries, the threat of a real estate collapse, and a slower growing economy remained high on everyone’s list of worries. And if you look closely, the memes and slang that have emerged from Chinese social media this year reflect some of those concerns.

One consistent theme seems to reflect a growing dissatisfaction with the country's growing inequality, not just in terms of wealth but also politically and socially. "Memes in China continue to show a preoccupation with members of the privileged upper class and those who are so unburdened as to live their lives in this way--[for example], the privileged pretty boy who is to be absolved from all worldly worries," Marcella Szablewicz, an assistant professor in communications at Pace University in New York, told Quartz.