Qui si elabora la sconfitta.

Il mondo nel 2030 23.01.15

Politico ha chiesto a 15 importanti personalità di immaginare come sarà il mondo tra 15 anni; a quali progressi, mutamenti, rischi e rivoluzioni andremo incontro. Nonostante tutto circola parecchio ottimismo.

Over the next 15 years, technology will become more ubiquitous in our schools and become a more effective tool for understanding how our children are learning, as more and more classroom instruction is assisted and accelerated by computers. This advance will help teachers to personalize their instruction and allow children to learn more at different rates, thereby better addressing the needs of all students. It should also help eliminate the need for unsophisticated, time-consuming standardized tests, as richer measures of learning will occur in real time to inform and improve instruction. And the effectiveness of our education system may improve dramatically.