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7.000 anni di giochi da tavolo 09.04.15

Goco da tavolo egiziano Senet

Breve storia dei giochi da tavolo attraverso gli ultimi 70 secoli, dai dadi a I coloni di Catan.

Within the past few years board games have gone through an explosion of growth. In 2012 The Guardian went as far as dubbing it "A Golden Age for Board Games", stating board games have seen a growth rate as high as 40% year over year. That's higher than Google, which sees about 20% growth year over year.

The budding interest has also inspired Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day to start a popular Youtube series, called Table Top. This series pits internet celebrities against each other and garners several hundred thousand views per video. So, how did something so archaic become so popular? Where did it all start?