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L'emoji del saluto vulcaniano 11.04.15


La guida rapida per aggiungere l'emoji del saluto vulcanico di lunga vita e prosperità, reso iconico dal signor Spock interpretato da Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek, su tutti i dispositivi di Apple con iOS 8.3.

1. Open up this tweet on your iOS device. Then you are going to copy the emoticon by tapping and holding on it. Then press Copy.
2. Copy Vulcan salute
3. Since we copied Vulcan salute emoji, we can now create the text shortcut. Open up Settings, and then select General.
4. Scroll down and select Keyboard.
5. Then select Shortcuts.
6. Press the blue plus button in the upper right hand corner. Where it says Phrase you are going to tap and hold until you see the Paste menu, then paste the Vulcan salute. Under Shortcut, this would be what you type to trigger the Vulcan salute. For example you can type in "spock," "vulcan," or "llap," for Live Long and Prosper.