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Le violenze xenofobe in Sud Africa 22.04.15

Quartz fa il punto sui disordini scoppiati in Sud Africa. La caccia allo straniero.
Una guerra tra poveri, frutto di un mix di nazionalismo, scarsa istruzione, ambiguità dell'African National Congress e assenza delle istituzioni.

On Saturday late afternoon, after canceling his scheduled state visit to Indonesia, Zuma appeared at the temporary relocation camp for foreign nationals in Chatsworth, KwaZulu Natal.

Although he tried to assure the disheartened and agitated crowd that the South African government condemned the events of the past two weeks – he lacked the earnestness he once displayed those many years ago. Many in the crowd along with many in and outside the country why it had taken Zuma this long to step up and address both the victims and the attackers.

Even his speech failed to be unequivocal.

Summed up, his overriding message to the more than 1000 foreign nationals stationed at the temporary relocation camp in Chatsworth was: "We do not want you to leave, but if you want to go, we will help you leave."

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