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Un mese con l'Apple Watch 14.05.15

Walt Mossberg ha indossato continuativamente un Apple Watch per un mese. Ha deciso che ne ordinerà uno.

Some commentators have complained that the Apple Watch lacks a "killer app" -- the one thing that would make it irresistible to consumers. But I disagree. I think any new device like this becomes attractive when it looks good, works well, and does multiple useful things of different value to different users.

For me, the three big winners among the watch's functions were fitness, texting and paying for things and checking in at airports. All can be done on the phone, or indeed without digital devices at all. But I found that the Apple Watch made each easier and, in the case of fitness, more effective.

If it were more widespread, I'd add a fourth: Checking in at hotels. While testing the watch, I was able to try it during a faux check-in at a W hotel in Washington, D.C. As I walked in, my room number appeared on the watch, and I was able to breeze by the front desk, go right to the room and use the watch as a key.