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La marijuana dell'Esercito Italiano 16.07.15

L'unica produzione di marijuana autorizzata per l'uso a fini terapeutici in Italia viene coltivata a Firenze. Dall'esercito.

[Antonio Medica, ndr] is a colonel in the Italian army. His lab is inside the army's pharmaceutical facility -- a highly guarded base in Florence. This year, they've taken on the production of a new drug.

"Our variety contains the two active principals, THC and Cannabidiol," said Medica.

"It is very similar to the so-called Bediol of the Netherlands, that at the moment is still imported in Italy," he said.

Not for long. As European countries pass medical marijuana laws, the Dutch weed has become ever so popular. So Italy, took a big state approach. Last year, they decided to cut out the middleman and produce their own stock. Their unique recipe is already raising eyebrows. Italy has become the first country in the world to assign their army to a national marijuana crop.