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La storia della scoperta del neutrino 22.08.15

Io9 racconta in breve la storia di come si è giunti a dimostrare l'esistenza del neutrino, la particella di massa infinitesimale (all'epoca ritenuta priva) e carica elettrica nulla.

It's the early 1950s, and people pretty much agree that a neutrino exists. No one has found it, and because it's nearly massless and completley chargeless no one can figure out how to find it. Learn how two scientist finally managed it.

[...] So looking for a neutrino was, at the time, impossible. But Fermi had given the world clues as to how to find the neutrino when he described its power--including its power to turn a proton into a neutron. This was the key that allowed scientists to prove the neutrino existed.